Total Garbage Side Table


Copper and oil blackened steel edition.

The bin conceals a weight that provides stability.

20”W x 20”D x 28”T



What is the bin element used for?throw blankets, or whatever you like.

If used as a hall table – umbrellas, mitts, scarves. If used as a side table – throw blankets, accent pillows, or whatever you like. Or trash of course!


Rasberry Zinc Special Edition: The roughness of an industrial grade galvanized coating is contrasted with the deliciousness of a two-tone-gloss-smooth-candy-rasberry-powdercoat finish.



Hot dip galvanized zinc and powdercoat finishes on steel. Lead. Wax.



Blue and White Edition


Mig welding, tig welding, lead casting, polishing, this one got it all.



As the harlequin said – “good designer’s borrow – great designers steal – from dumpsters.” This design is based on a spice cabinet from a demolished kitchen, recovered from a Queens, NY dumpster. A beautiful structure which spent its days crouched in the darkness of a cabinet interior – it merely needed the opportunity to make its presence felt.