Cloud Lounge – 2017

The Cloud Lounge is the product of a long iterative process launched in response to the austere beauty of a nail bed.

Nail beds make us float at the same time as they ground us. Their surfaces are mostly made of absence, of interstitial spaces. The nails form an abstract grid – repetitive usage stripping them of individual identity. And yet what could be more singularly specific and distinctive than the sensation of a nail, pressed against the skin?

The development process began with various configurations of wooden pegs that were spaced and sized to create a platform which was actually comfortable and pleasant to lie on. However, after a great number of attempts, comfort had not progressed beyond tolerable.

For a long time, I considered adding a mattress. To retain the visual pleasure of the exposed matrix I experimented with various kinds of translucent padding. Nothing adequately retained the sensation of the pegs.

Foams, rubbers, and various other materials were attempted.

Various other dead ends followed. I 3D printed three-part molds, I CNC milled two-part molds from MDF, and finally I hand turned positives on the lathe and created silicone mother molds, into which the pegs could be poured.

Pouring took place with the pegs themselves partially inserted. A tenon at the end of the peg then becomes locked within the silicone cloudlet. Since this kind of silicone does not adhere to anything besides itself, a mechanical lock was an ideal joining solution.