Odes to the Wrong Angle – 2018

Playing off Corbusier’s series of painting and writings “Poems of the Right Angle,” which bear titles such as “Offering-Yellow” and “Flesh-Violet” and make frequent reference to alchemy, the vessels in this series are cast in aluminum using a destructive process that vaporizes foam carved positives, turning momentary form-impulses into durable objects. Primitive metallurgy and technically advanced, dazzling multi-coat car paints are combined in celebratory memorials to the offhand, the incidental, and the unplanned. Individual pieces may be considered vases, champagne bottle holders, or planters, according to the user’s inclination. Some designs riff off iconic glassworks by Alvar Aalto, others are wrought with an unrestrained, chaotic enthusiasm that finds precedent in the bold coloration and formal language of Elizabeth Murray – disparate influences synthesized alchemically into “Odes to the Wrong Angle.”